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Magnetic devices for mixer wagons


IRONLESSMagnetic separator for foreign metal objects in total mixed rations
EIMA 2014  recommendation - Bologna (Italy), 12th – 16th November 2014

Italian patent granted – European patent pending


Due to increasing farm mechanisation it is not unusual to find foreign sharp metal objects in forages for livestock feeding. Should ruminants ingest them, serious health problems could follow, like for example traumatic reticuloperitonitis (hardware disease) or in most extreme cases acute traumatic reticuloperitonitis, which can also lead to death. This problem raised most as a consequence of a wider use of mixer wagons and total mixed rations. Within one of its research projects CAEB INTERNATIONAL has developed IRONLESS, an innovative magnetic separator that, thanks to its very compact design, can be mounted on the discharge opening of mixer wagons.

The innovative magnetic separator IRONLESS
Ironless at work

With its wide magnetic area, IRONLESS is able to catch foreign metal objects before they find their way into the feed bunks . The rotating plates of IRONLESS also spread the ration, thus improving the catching of any metal part. Their segmented design also facilitates the discharge of the ration.
IRONLESS is designed for being adapted to a wide range of mixer wagons.



• Magnetic plates: 3

• Dimensions: depending on the discharge opening of the mixer wagon

• Magnetic area* 3 times the one a fix separator

• Metal objects average catching degree* 90%

* Not-binding data referred to the tests performed

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