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CAEB INTERNATIONAL were established in Bergamo, Northern Italy, in a strategic position about 40 km away from Milan. Their vision was to improve the work and the lifestyle of small farmers and breeders, especially of those living in difficult mountain areas.


The company began to manufacture the small-size transporters MINICARGO powered by walk-behind tractors, that allow to transport wood, hay and any kind of material with little human effort.


The small-size round baler for the haymaking MOUNTAINPRESS 550 entered the market. It was, and it still is, the first and only small round baler powered by walk-behind tractors. For the first time in history farmers could bale hay also in extreme mountain areas that couldn’t be reached by big machinery.


The small-size wrappers MOUNTAINSILOS were presented. Farmers could now produce silage out of the grass they baled with MOUNTAINPRESS 550.


MOUNTAINPRESS 550TPL, small-size round baler laterally trailed by four-wheel tractors, was launched on the market. From the very beginning it was a success story. Still today, by working on the side of the tractor, it offers the advantage not to pass on the hay row with the tractor wheels.


Taking advantage of its knowledge in the agriculture area, the company entered the environmental technology business by developing the rotary compactor for waste materials OMNIPRESS 800.


The small-size round baler for vineyard and orchard trimmings QUICKPOWER was presented.


The collection unit BALE TRANSPORTER 8CM for QUICKPOWER entered the market.


The company presented a prototype for EASYSYSTEM, a small plant conceived to make pellets out of the vineyard trimmings baled with QUICKPOWER, turning them from expensive waste biomass to a useful source of energy. The latter is a potential resource for heating generation in private home, farms, holyday farms, wineries etc..


The Company continues the development of the solutions for valuing the energy content of vineyard trimmings and prunings. The EASYSYSTEM Eco Line for domestic use is launched on the market and EASYSYSTEM Professional Line has now been automated.


The collection unit BALE TRANSPORTER 4CM for QUICKPOWER was developed to better respond to the specific needs of wine-growers. IRONLESS, a magnetic separator for foreign metal objects in total mixed unifeed rations, was presented.


The company presented EDY CHIPPER, a technologically innovative self-propelled picking-mulching machine for trimmings of crops in rows.


MOUNTAINPRESS 550 TML, small-size round baler laterally trailed by four-wheel tractors, was launched on the market. This baler can be connected to any kind of four-wheel tractors, even to those without PTO.

The mobile application CAEB AGROENERGY APP was presented to support the operators as regards the energy valuing of the agricultural pruning remains.

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