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collecting haymaking
baling haymaking

CAEB machines effectively perform all the working phases involved in haymaking, from collecting to baling, from binding to transportation from the field.
The solutions proposed for collecting and baling are provided in a family of highly efficient mini round-balers.
Their compact design enables the cut grass to be collected and baled on any type of ground, also on hills, in mountain areas and on steep slopes.  These are highly efficient machines because they enable bales to be prepared which are easy to handle and with an hourly hay production of approximately 1,500 Kg.
They are also used to collect grass and leaves in parks; the compact size of the bales makes them an optimum solution also to bale fodder for horses.  
The CAEB baling machines do not cut and do not beat, but by only press to ensure that the hay remains whole.

The CAEB binders operate automatically.
The machines are able to bind bales from 20 to 80 kg. using plastic film, working in the field combined electrically with rotovators, or coupled extremely easily to any type of tractor.

CAEB proposes trailers for the transport phase, the trailers are designed specifically for bales of hay, with a load carrying capacity that varies from 300 to 400 Kg.  
The CAEB trailers can be readily combined with all types of reversible rotovators and motor-mowers.

binding haymaking bale
transporting haymaking bales
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