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For prunings and biomasses


CAEB proposes QUICKPOWER to collect and compact prunings and pruning residues.  This round-baler is able to perform the following complete cycle:
- loading the material to be baled;
- binding the bale;
- discharging the bale automatically.

Recovering the residues which are currently left on the ground can enable the biomass energy content to be exploited that, alternatively, would be destroyed.


Why do you propose compacting in bales?
Because the material compacted in "soft centre" bales permits the air to circulate through uniformly to guarantee natural drying; in this way the formation of moulds or fermentation is avoided.


Is a compacting machine large and difficult to manoeuvre?
QUICKPOWER is a compact machine that can even be operated by small tractors and has been designed to operate in situations with rows of different widths and also with very narrow headers.  


I have a narrow between-row distance, can your machines help me?
Our machines can work in a space 95 cm wide.


I have a wide between-row distance, can your machines help me?
Our machines when combined with special brushes can work in rows over 200 cm wide.


And if I have height problems, for example, because I work beneath overhead trellises?
Our machines are 100/110 cm high without the bale transporter.


What power output is required from the tractor?
A power output of 15 kW at the PTO is sufficient to work with the QUICKPOWER machine.


My ground is stony, do you have a solution for me?
We solve the problem of stony ground via a "sieve" effect achieved with a simple device similar to a frontal fork. The fork pulls the prunings up and leaves the stones on the ground. The adjustable wheels allow an accurate height adjusting adapting QUICKPOWER to the different kind of soil.


What size prunings are you able to bale?
We can collect and compact prunings of any length with a diameter of less than 3.5 cm.


Do the bales of prunings produced have a fixed or variable size?
Our machines have a fixed size chamber and produce bales which are 60 cm long and have a diameter of 40 cm.


Can I change the weight if the bale size is fixed?
The bale weight can vary from 25 to 35 kg for the damp product, by varying the compacting pressure.


How can I bind the bale of prunings?
We have two solutions.  The first solution foresees binding using a special extruded polypropylene net, the second solution foresees binding using sisal twine, a completely natural product.


When the bale has dried does it lose its compact structure?
Bales produced using the QUICKPOWER machine remain perfectly compact even when there is a weight loss due to drying.


How long do your bales take to dry?
Based on tests performed in the field it was found that the humidity in the bales drops from 50% to 25% in approximately 4 months.


Therefore, drying is an important aspect, which forms do you suggest?
There are at least three ways to dry the bales of prunings:
-  in the field, left out in the open;
-  in the field, under a plastic sheet covering;
-  under a roof;
The more the material is protected from the weather conditions, the more drying is accelerated and favoured.


What can I do once I have collected and dried the bales of prunings?
In Caeb we say that prunings represent energy.  When the prunings have been compacted and dried they become material with a high combustion level and are therefore able to provide excellent energy.


How can I use the dried bales?
Once dried, the bales produced with QUICKPOWER can be transformed in pellet, in small parts or briquette thanks the EASYSYSTEM Professional Line and the shredding machines EASYSYSTEM Eco Line.


Is it therefore possible to cut the bale?
Yes, the bales produced with our machines are so firmly compacted that they can be cut using a chainsaw, even into three cylindrical sections.



Is chipping the bales of prunings to be preferred compared to cutting?
We only propose chipping after drying because this increases the combustion capacity, the energy production and decreases the level of pollution.  The choice between cutting and/or chipping depends on the characteristics of the burning plant that is available.


Do you have a solution to collect and transport the bales?
The round-baler QUICKPOWER can be fitted with Bale Transporter. The latter collects the bales discharged from the chamber significantly reducing the working cycle. Bale Transporter is available in two versions: Bale Transporter 8CM can carry 8 bales, 7 in the Bale Transporter and 1 in the chamber. Bale Transporter 8CM is particularly suitable to work on flat or slightly sloping grounds as well as in vineyards with espalier system. Bale Transporter 4CM can carry 4 bales, 3 in Bale Transporter and 1 in the machine. Thanks to his small size, Bale Transporter 4CM is suitable to work on steep slope grounds, in canopied vineyards or in vineyards with short rows.

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