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Compacting scraps and waste materials

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Caeb proposes   to compact both scraps and waste materials. is a versatile and easy-to-use round baler capable of compacting 30/40 Kg of material in three/five minutes.

A cylindrical bale that is easy to handle and has minimum dimensions is obtained at the end of the very rapid process.

Compacting homogeneous materials enables bales to be obtained which are ready for the subsequent processing operations of scraps or differentiated waste disposal, complying fully with environment legislation.

The bales can be bound using either a net or film, depending on the material to be baled, the possible subsequent use or the customer's preferences.

 is used in shopping centres, manufacturing companies, commercial farms, automatic production lines and logistic companies.

Caeb manufactures customised solutions, on request, which can integrate in different company contexts: collecting boxes, handling trolleys and unattended, automatic cutting for continuous compacting represent only some of the possible customisable solutions which are produced.

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